goodtimearcade| How to remove the rear seat cushion of Geely Boyue?

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In daily use, Geely Boyue car owners may encounter situations where the rear seat cushion needs to be removed, whether it is forgoodtimearcadeFor cleaning, replacement or other maintenance purposes. Correct removal of the rear cushion is a prerequisite for ensuring safe and effective operation. The following are detailed steps and precautions to help you complete this process successfully.

Step 1: Preparation

Before starting disassembly, ensure that the vehicle is in a safe state, that is, turn off the engine and remove the key. In addition, forgoodtimearcadeTo prevent scratching the vehicle interior during operation, it is recommended that you prepare some soft cloth or plastic gaskets.

Step 2: Find the fixed point

Geely Boyue's rear cushion is usually connected to the car body through several fixing points. These fixation points may include snaps under the seat, hooks on the sides, or screws on the rear. First, you need to carefully observe and determine the locations of these fixed points.

goodtimearcade| How to remove the rear seat cushion of Geely Boyue?

Step 3: Release the buckle

For seat cushions that are secured with a buckle, you need to gently press the release button of the buckle and lift the seat cushion upwards at the same time. This action requires a certain amount of strength and accuracy to ensure that the buckle can be fully released.

Step 4: Unhook the hook

If the cushion has a hook fixed on the side, you need to find the position of the hook and gently pull it out of the fixing slot. This process may require you to slightly adjust the angle of the cushion so that the hook can disengage smoothly.

Step 5: Remove the screws

For seat cushions that are fixed with screws, you need to use a suitable screwdriver to loosen and remove the screws one by one. When removing the screws, be careful not to let the screws fall into the seat gap to avoid subsequent trouble.

Step 6: Remove the seat cushion

After all fastening points have been released, you can carefully lift the seat cushion from the seat frame and remove it. During this process, be careful not to use too much force to avoid damaging the seat cushion or car interior.


1goodtimearcade. During the disassembly process, ensure that all operations are carried out in a well-lit environment so that every detail can be clearly seen.

2goodtimearcade. If you encounter difficulties during the dismantling process, do not force it, you can consult the vehicle maintenance manual or seek professional help.

3. The removed cushion should be properly placed to avoid direct contact with the ground to prevent contamination or damage.

Through the above steps, you should be able to smoothly remove Geely Boyue's rear seat cushion. Correct operation not only protects your vehicle, but also ensures your safety during maintenance.