freedeuceswildvideopokernodownload| Yatianni Group's intraday changes quickly rose by 6.50% to HK$0.475

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At 15:00 pm on May 27, 2024, Yatianni Group ( Stocks fluctuated, and the stock price rose rapidly by 6.50%. As of press time, the stock was trading at HK$0.475/share, with a trading volume of 200,000 shares, a turnover rate of 0.02%, and an amplitude of 0.00%.

In terms of funds, the inflow of funds from this stock was HK$95,000 and the outflow was HK$0.

Recent financial report data shows that the stock achieved operating income of HK$23.387 million, net profit of HK$4.147 million, earnings per share of HK$0.00, gross profit of HK$4.83 million, and a P/E ratio of-365.42 times.

In terms of institutional ratings, there are currently no institutions making "buy, hold, sell" recommendations on the stock.

freedeuceswildvideopokernodownload| Yatianni Group's intraday changes quickly rose by 6.50% to HK<p>.475

In the jewelry and watch industry where Yatianni Group shares are located, the overall decline was 0.01%. Among the related stocks, Henghe Group, Yatianni Group, and Hengwei Group Holdings increased significantly. The related stocks with large amplitudes included Chuanghui Jewelry, Langhua International Group, and China Environmental Protection Energy, with amplitudes of 12.90%, 11.29%, 3.70%, respectively. Yatianni Group Company Profile


: Atianni Group Co., Ltd. is a Hong Kong investment holding company mainly engaged in accessory platform business. The company operates through two divisions. The Fashion Accessories Online Wholesale Platform segment mainly wholesales a series of fashion accessory products through the Group's self-operated online platforms. Other segments mainly retail and distribute fashion accessory products through third-party retail online platforms for retail customers in China and third-party physical points of sale of authorized distributors and consignors in China and Hong Kong, global wholesale customers and offline wholesale channels through which wholesale customers in China buy and sell fashion accessory products.

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